Huwebes, Pebrero 13, 2014

Add Email Form Right in Your Facebook Page!

Social medias are one of the best online marketing strategies as of today and we can’t deny the fact that many people are using social medias just to promote different kinds of business. So what if you are an email marketer, that needs to gather emails for email campaign or to send the latest news of your business? Wait! the real question is: Can you opt in emails using social media? Well, fortunately, YES!

Short Stack is a fun and easy to use tool that I tried so far. You can sign up for a free account and it is very simple. but before actually playing around with Short Stack, you need to confirm your email first. It also have plenty page-apps there. You can choose from one of their featured  templates or you can create your own using a very easy drag-and-drop system, or choose an existing template and customize it if you want to. Plus, it is mobile ready, so everyone with a smartphone, iPad or Tablets can view it because it is responsive.

Okay, so here’s how you can create a form using Short Stack:
1. First, after creating an account, you can start creating a new app by clicking the “Create Blank App”

2. Next, you will be redirected to the designer page where you can customize your facebook app. And you can see bunch of widget there, too! it’s those little icons located at the left hand.

3. Okay lets start shApping; to add a form app, you can choose an app under “Forms” category.

I. Custom Form Widget - Create contact, surveys, reservations or other types of forms. Add any number of custom fields.
II. Mailchimp (Newsletter Sign up) - Let your visitors easily subscribed to any Mailchimp list. Just input the API Key and choose an existing list from your mailchimp.

or you can add more widgets of your choosing for your facebook app.

4. If you are done customizing, install the app to your facebook page by clicking the “Install Tab” (Log in your facebook account first)

5. If you are a free user, just choose “Quick Publish” and you are done.

Try and create your own form at Short Stack.

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